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Date: 12/11/19 02:12
2nd "Epson Scan 2" Problem
Author: refarkas

In order to update my Epson Scan to be used on my iMac running Catalina, I had to go to Epson Scan 2. Here is another problem. Parts of the image are appearing out of nowhere in a new spot, or they are changing straight lines and making other parts of the image disappear. These do not happen at the same place in every scan. Yes, I have checked the slides for these defects, and the defects are not on the slides.
I reinstalled Epson Scan 2, but the defects still appear.
1.) Slide
2.) Close up of defect where something just appears on the slide
3.) Close up from another image where lines disappear or bend
P.S. I have informed Epson about my earlier problem. Now I'll have to inform them about this problem.

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Date: 12/11/19 03:24
Re: 2nd "Epson Scan 2" Problem
Author: sarailfan

That looks like a problem with anti-aliasing filters, or some sort of noise reduction. I'd comb through the settings, and working with one slide, change one setting at a time to isolate the issue.

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Date: 12/11/19 08:09
Re: 2nd "Epson Scan 2" Problem
Author: trainjunkie

Do you have dust and scratch removal on? Is it a Kodachrome slide? Those two things are not compaitble on any Epson scanner and will yield these types of results.

Date: 12/11/19 10:21
Re: 2nd "Epson Scan 2" Problem
Author: refarkas

I use the same low dust removal and Kodachrome as always. I don't and haven't used the Digital ICE feature that causes these problems.

Date: 12/11/19 12:22
Re: 2nd "Epson Scan 2" Problem
Author: refarkas

Trainjunkie and I were both right. On the old Epson Scan, dust and scratch removal and Digital ICE were two separate choices. Kodachrome doesn't work with Digital ICE but did work on Epson Scan if all I used was dust and scratch removal. In Epson Scan 2, Epson must have combined dust and scratch removal with Digital ICE . That is why I was having a problem with digital artifacts.
Thank you.

Date: 12/13/19 08:00
Re: 2nd "Epson Scan 2" Problem
Author: WrongMain

I was wondering if Catalina was worth the trouble it is causing.  I know that I'm not going to use it because it doesn't support Aperture, so I'm staying with High Sierra.  What are the benefits of upgrading to Catalina?

Date: 12/16/19 08:47
Upgrading to Catalina
Author: jbwest

Many years ago I tried not upgrading either to keep using older programs or because the updates were not compatible with older hardward that was still working fine.  In the short run it worked fine.  But over time little issues accumulated, requiring work arounds.  In the end I caved.  One of the frustrating things about Apple is they build good hardware (which you pay a high price for) but it tends to outlive the software.  I'm typing this on a nine year old iMac that works perfectly well but cannot be upgraded to Catalina.  And I recently traded in an iPhone 5 that worked perfectly well, but was not compatible with my new cell service.  You can postpone the pain but in the end "they" win.


Date: 12/30/19 11:04
Re: Upgrading to Catalina
Author: LV95032

I am very happy using a Mac Pro tower from 2009 running OS Sierra. VueScan for bothe scanners works fine. No point to upgrade when all is working fine.


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