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Date: 04/25/20 21:18
Heavy Tripod
Author: B-LineRailfan

Does anyone have recommendations for a heavy tripod? I have a cheapo tripod now that I use with my iPhone.  I was thinking smartphones being flat present a sail of sorts for the wind from a passing train to push on.  Other than getting farther back from the tracks, I was thinking a heavier tripod might help.  Some of the more expensive ones are pretty light so I wanted to check here to see if anyone recommends a heavy, more stable tripod (preferably inexpensive).

Thanks in advance!

S.P. Gass

Date: 04/26/20 04:33
Re: Heavy Tripod
Author: PlyWoody

I would suggest you find and visit a Photography buy and sell show if there are any still active since the eBay, etc.  Look for a wooden tripod that was built to hold a heavy view glass plate camera.  You can not prevent the vibration of the ground of a heavy train so you need to make platform that your camera attached to using a air bag between the tripod and the camera platform.  I would use Velcro to hold the airbag and more Velcro for quick and easy camera attachment to the top of the air bag.  That will remove the vibration.  Go to a toy store and find a soft rubber ball to use as a air bag.

Date: 04/26/20 08:56
Re: Heavy Tripod
Author: Prophoto

Probably the best place to look for heavy and inexpensive is EBay. Zone VI made a great wooden tripod, sometimes available with a good head. The best modern tripods, I think, are made by Really Right Stuff but they are pricey. I went through light weight, inexpensive tripods until one sunset evening in Bears Ears when the wind gusted up and blew my tripod over with my camera on it. Fortunately, it hit the leg of my friend's Really Right Stuff tripod and just slipped down it, nothing broken. When I got home, I bit the bullet and bought one.

Date: 04/26/20 10:13
Re: Heavy Tripod
Author: robj

Lol I don't think you need a wooden tripod for a cell phone or you need to be that close to tracks to get that much vibration.  A good tripod where can attach weights, go to B & H and they have a search fucntion where you can put in criterion.  remeber you have to carry that thing around and unless you only setting up at scenic highway crossings that can be factor.

Date: 04/26/20 10:46
Re: Heavy Tripod
Author: highgreengraphics

Bogen, Model 3040. The one Lester Bogen sat on in his advertisements. Aluminum tubes and heavy metal castings. Many available used. Rocks, wood, tie plates, whatever can be added on top of the leg braces. Has saved my butt in Wyoming wind many times! === === = === JLH

Date: 04/26/20 12:07
Re: Heavy Tripod
Author: TCnR

Some tripods have a hook or otehr attachment underneath, take along some water bottles or a hiking style water bottle carrier, attach it to the bottom of the tripod.

Date: 04/26/20 14:50
Re: Heavy Tripod
Author: tgcostello

I'll second TCnR's recommendation.  Heavy tripods are for heavy cameras.

It's often been said that experience is the best teacher.  One fine Sundayafternoon in April 2006 I found myself on hallowed grounds in high winds at Diablo Canyon on the BNSF between Winslow AZ and Flagstaff AZ. I was working two cameras and after capturing the first shot on my tripod mounted Canon EOS 35mm I stepped away to shoot with my hand held second camera.  The results of that brief moment of innatention to my camera in high winds was recorded for posterity by my good friend Dave Hussey.  Characteristically of Dave, he was somber in his composure, but I could see he was having trouble suppressng a laugh.  I was extremely fortunate in the circumstances.  I was in the process of migrating from film to digital, and would do so completely within a year, rendering that EOS Elan II obsolete.  I was shooting with a kit lens and replced it for <$100 bucks.  I was able to finish the road trip with my Canon D20 plus 17mm-85mm.

To complete my intro, when using a medium to light camera in wind, attach a weight to the center post of the tripod.  I generally suspend  my photo-backpack with a caribiner but have also tied on a bag filled with the locally abundant rocks we have here in the southwest.  

Tim Costello

Date: 04/29/20 15:54
Re: Heavy Tripod
Author: biff

Check out B&H. Tripod hammock or tripod bag. Easy to fasten to your tripod and you can add weight as desired. And it really lowers the center of gravity. The cost is $11 or so.

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Date: 05/04/20 09:40
Re: Heavy Tripod
Author: RailRat

Thanks, I was wondering what that hook was for, hanging beneath the pan head on my tripod!..Duh-Oh! On me!

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

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