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Date: 05/25/20 16:05
Slides stored incorrectly suggestions
Author: RayH

Been doing a LOT of cleaning in the garage lately, getting ready for our next move (destination unknown). Been finding all kinds of good stuff, forgotten for probably 40 years. Unfortunately, for the past 7 years that we've lived in South Carolina, these boxes have been stored in the garage and subject to ridiculous humidity. Today I opened boxes to find NUMEROUS "yellow boxes" (maybe 40) , containing slides mostly from the 1970's. These slides appear to be stuff I acquired via trade, and also a lot of my own stuff, labeled as extras. From what I could see in looking at a few boxes of slides, at first glance they appear fine (but then again, I possess "referee eyes").

I moved everything into the house today, but now I'm wondering if the sudden change in temperature and lower humidity will cause some damage. Anyone ever experience something similar to this situation?  

 In other news, I also found a decent portion of my old train order collection (to be continued)...

Date: 05/25/20 17:49
Re: Slides stored incorrectly suggestions
Author: trainjunkie

Get some dessicant bags and put them in the boxes that contain the slides. If any moisture appears, hopefully the dessicant will soak it up.

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