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Date: 01/08/21 18:21
Photoshop 2021
Author: srman

Anyone familiar with Photoshop 2021?  In order to try and resolve my earlier problem of trying to upload and process some images it was suggested to me that I might do an upgrade. I had Photoshop 12
and when I tried to load images taken from a Canon T7 it wouldn't let me open the icons. Photoshop 2021 does. However how do I size them to 1200px X 800px which is the size that I have done before when posting somthing here on TO. I've tried to watch totorials on You Tube but didn't really help. Thanks for any help and to remind anyone I'm not the best on technology and its terminology. 

Date: 01/08/21 19:00
Re: Photoshop 2021
Author: BRAtkinson

Are you talking about 'full' Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?  I'm not aware of Photoshop 12 but Photoshop Elements 12 I used to have myself.

Date: 01/08/21 20:02
Re: Photoshop 2021
Author: srman

I had Photoshop Elements 12 however now I have installed Photoshop Elements 2021.

Date: 01/09/21 05:55
Re: Photoshop 2021
Author: JayK

Unless they have changed the work flow in Photoshop 2021 ( I'm using an older version) click on IMAGE in the toolbar at the top. A drop down window will have RESIZE in the menu. You can set the resize parameters in the pop-up window. Another alternative is to use the CROP tool in the toolbar on the side.

If your final image will be much smaller than the original its a good idea to downsize by no more than 50% in any one step. Repeat the process again to arrive at the desired image size. Throwing away too many pixels at one time will degrade the final image more than necessary.

Hope that helps.

Jim Kleeman

Date: 01/09/21 13:08
Re: Photoshop 2021
Author: mojaveflyer

Look for a slightly older version that might be on line. I've been through 4 or 5 iterations of Photoshop Elements and I'm currently using PSE 2020. I'm pretty sure it will do most everything PSE 2021 will do and may cost less. 

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

Date: 01/10/21 18:43
Re: Photoshop 2021
Author: DGOLDE

The lastest vesion of Elements is Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021.  If you have used any version of elements you will have no problem using this version.  I use the screen called Photoshop Elements Editor in Elements 2021 to make changes.  At this point I have not found a need to any other screen.  Once you open this screen I would open a photo file and experiment with the various tools offered on this screen.  Using this sreen you caln make all kinds of improvement to a photo including getting rid of dust spots, graffiti, and resize a photo.  I cannot believe how easy it is to use the spot healing brush with this version of Elements compared to how the spot healing brush work in older versions.

To resize a photo select image from the list at the top of the screen, then select resize, and  then select image size.  One thing to note is that if you like the size ratio of the photo, for example 3:2, make sure you resize you photo to this same ratio. 

Have fun.


Date: 01/10/21 23:23
Re: Photoshop 2021
Author: norm1153

Adobe has dropped support for Windows 7, now.

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