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Date: 06/08/21 20:37
Kodak Projector Lens
Author: KM-ML4000

I am looking for lens recommendations for my Kodak Ektagraphic III AMT Carousel projector. I am looking for a non zoom lens suitable for home projection on a 70"x70" screen. There are so many different lenses, I haven't a clue what to buy.

Date: 06/09/21 09:28
Re: Kodak Projector Lens
Author: radar

Choosing the right focal length is a function of the desired image size and the distance from the projector to the screen.  The closer the projector is, the shorter the focal length has to be to get the same image size.  Here are two resources.  The first is a pdf chart from Kodak.  The second is an online lens calculator.

Choosing a Kodak Projector Lens


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Date: 06/15/21 16:51
Re: Kodak Projector Lens
Author: trkinsptr

The one you want is a zoom made by Schneider. Vario-Prolux 70-120 F2:8. It’s been out of production for years but you can find one with an EBay search. Perfect for home use and very sharp!

Date: 06/15/21 20:42
Re: Kodak Projector Lens
Author: Rathole

How far from the screen is your projector? 

Date: 06/16/21 10:13
Re: Kodak Projector Lens
Author: trkinsptr

12-15 feet.

Date: 06/23/21 11:42
Re: Kodak Projector Lens
Author: Rathole

That's about what my set up is.  I use a Kodak Ektanar 4 inch lens, f2.8.   Works beautifully.   Edit - forgot to mention, you can find them on Ebay pretty cheap in both the f2.8 and f3.5 versions.  The f2.8, of course, is a brighter lens.     


trkinsptr Wrote:
> 12-15 feet.

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