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Date: 12/22/01 08:45
Washougal Wa. 1982
Author: photobob

Heres a westbound BN train entering Washougal siding after a run down the Columbia River Gorge. The lead power is BN 2735 with a WP GP35 3007. The question is what type of power is the 2735?

Date: 12/22/01 08:53
RE: Washougal Wa. 1982
Author: jdb

In Del Grosso's 1980-1991 Annual it is a GP39-2, built 4-81.


Date: 12/22/01 10:04
RE: Washougal Wa. 1982
Author: thoroughbred

Thanks for jogging my memories. I was fortunate to spend a week in the Feather River Canyon just after the delivery of the GP39-2's. They were working all over the WP at the time. Usually I saw too much UP power in the canyon, but during the week, the only UP power I ever saw was on a southbound out of Klamath Falls, OR. It was an SD40-2 and fortunately it was the trailing unit.The GP39-2's were lashed up with the latest WP GP40-2's and made for some nice looking consists.

Bill Morrison

Date: 12/22/01 13:28
RE: Washougal Wa. 1982
Author: trakmous

An earlier era east of Washougal. Excuse the poor slide scan.


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