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Date: 08/09/07 21:59
ARR 3002/3005
Author: cp9122

Rebuilt Alaska GP40-2's 3002 and 3005 nearly made it to their home state. At the last minute, a decision was made to hold the units for potential lease to a customer in the Lower 48. Sources indicate the road has sufficient power on hand thus the -2's could be better utilized by generating revenue for the company. The units have subtle differences. 3002 has an orange beacon at the end of the dynamic brake bulge. 3005 does not. 3002 has a frame mounted electronic bell while 3005 has a roof mounted electronic speaker type bell. Both units retained their original "L" shaped windows and gyra-lights. Both nice touches.

Date: 08/09/07 23:36
Re: ARR 3002/3005
Author: AK

I think the light by the dynamic brake blister, means the motor has a auto start on it. The engine shuts down when not in use and restarts when the water temp gets cool or the air compressor needs to recharge the tanks.

I don't think the units received a rebuild. I think the units had repairs made and then repainted. 3002 was leased out after repairs to pay off the repair bill, it was still in the old black and gold paint. I think black and gold looks better than the baby MAC scheme.

Date: 08/10/07 02:30
Re: ARR 3002/3005
Author: jmw

For the sake of argument...

Here is a grab shot of the 3001 back in June 2007 sporting the black and orange scheme. The "baby MAC" paint job is winning me over.


Date: 08/10/07 05:06
Re: ARR 3002/3005
Author: EL-SD45-3632

How can you not like this paint scheme? I think it's great...

Date: 08/10/07 05:24
Re: ARR 3002/3005
Author: atsfman

count my vote for the new scheme.


Date: 08/10/07 08:22
Re: ARR 3002/3005
Author: railroad007

Beautiful! Love it with Gryolites, lights and ditch! Look prefect!

Date: 08/10/07 09:43
Re: ARR 3002/3005
Author: AK

It has been stated on another website, the 2 units are not returning to Alaska. Supposedly they will stay in Seattle until they are leased out. Supposedly the ARR doesn't need the power. 4 more new SD70MAC-HEPs are due to ship out around the end of the month. Should be the 4325-4328. They were bought with fed. money for military moves.

Date: 08/10/07 09:55
Alaska scheme
Author: zephyrus

I'm a fan of the old blue and yellow. That scheme just worked for me, especially on the GP49s.

Not overly thrilled with the MAC scheme.


Date: 08/10/07 12:37
Re: Alaska scheme
Author: AK

Hi there,

The 3012 is the only GP40-2 unit I know of in the old Blue and Yellow scheme.

There's still a few GP38s, MP15s, and GP49s running around in the scheme.

Date: 08/10/07 16:44
Re: Alaska scheme
Author: westernrails

Great photo. Thanks for posting.

Great looking paint scheme also.


Date: 08/10/07 19:41
Re: Alaska scheme
Author: SCL1517

I am thrilled to see the L windshields and gyralites (and builder's plates!) still on the units. The paint scheme? No thanks.

But WHAT A PLOW, and the lack of snow covers on the horn is amusing, since that item seems tp be so "de rigeur" in the lower 48.

Date: 08/10/07 21:51
Re: Alaska scheme
Author: ProAmtrak

It's amazing how long the Alaska Railroad still have that old paint scheme on their older locomotives after all these years!

Date: 08/11/07 16:49
Re: Alaska scheme
Author: jmw

Here are two examples of the old blue and yellow scheme.

Both photos were taken in June 2007.


Date: 08/16/07 00:11
Re: ARR 3002/3005
Author: ARR701

What do you think of the paint scheme on my tour guide vehicles? Its only an idea at this point. making sure the Alaska railroad font isn't trade marked.

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