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Date: 10/18/09 14:09
a couple S.P. past & present
Author: tc

Well this was taken at the tehachapi loop and the two different versions of the S.P. (only in roadname) The first one was the attempt at moving trailers via roadrailer year was 2001 and the second is U.P.'s version of the trailers (containers and tofc)in 2009 with another form of S.P. power .

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Date: 10/18/09 14:30
Re: a couple S.P. past & present
Author: tc

These are from the van nuys local (or whatever it ended up being called in the later years) heading eastbound towards burbank around 1994 by this time the local only went to van nuys and then back to burbank.October 2009 Nowdays it has been converted to a bike trail

Date: 10/18/09 15:40
Re: a couple S.P. past & present
Author: tc

a couple more for reference

Date: 10/18/09 19:08
Re: a couple S.P. past & present
Author: SuperC

Great history in those photos.


Date: 10/18/09 21:28
Re: a couple S.P. past & present
Author: SanJoaquinEngr

great pictures... brings back many memories of the Van Nuys Local that I had the pleasure to work many times..

Date: 10/20/09 13:32
Re: a couple S.P. past & present
Author: switchlamp

Looks like Jimmy Benson at the throttle of the combined Saugus/Van nuys local. By this time it went to Saugus tue-wed-sat. and Van Nuys mon -wed-fri and came back to gemco and then went to Tarzana as needed on the other end of the branch. Later the Northridge local was pushed back to an afternoon job and took care of the Tarzana work. When I went to work on SP in 76 there were 26 customers on the branch. I used to watch the Van Nuys local going by Pierce college when I attended there and thought someday I would like to work that job. It was my favorite local ever and even fired for SanJoaquinEngineer on it.

Date: 10/21/09 16:45
Re: a couple S.P. past & present
Author: spengr80

Too cool!!! How nostalgic!
I worked that job many times as a fireman and engineer back in the good old S.P. days. In fact, this is my street (California St.) that is shown in the picture...I live 6 houses to the north of the Xing. We used to park the train just east of the Xing and walk up my street for "coffee" at the Coral Cafe. We would then head up the branch to Orowheat Bakery, where we again went to "coffee". After that, we would head to N. Hollywood to Bud's Redhots...for "coffee". Finally, we would end up in Canoga Park for "beans". Then back to Gemco...after gaining about ten pounds!!! LOL

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