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Date: 11/11/12 12:43
"Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: KeyRouteKen

To all of my wonderful friends and fellow rails on Trainorders... Thank You !!!

I've received the scare of a lifetime but am holding my own and am now HOME .

On Friday evening, October 26th at about 9pm, my wife Suzie and I were home watching TV when I suddenly told her I didn't feel well. She asked how I felt. I told her my heart felt like it was "fluttering" and my chest and arms were starting to feel strange.
She thought I would be fine but I insisted on wanting to go to the hospital emergency room about two miles away. Good thing we did too.

They said my heart was in "A-Fibulation" (sic) and they gave me medication and took an X-ray. About four hours later, they transferred me by ambulance to the big Saint Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma, WA--- one of the premier Cardiac centers in South Puget Sound. I was there from October 27th to November 4th. Then I was sent to a Rehabilitation Center from November 4th until the morning of November 10th (Saturday), the same day as the Boeing Swap Meet which I naturally could not participate in this year as I had wanted to.

On October 30th, at about 9am, the Cardiac surgery team at St. Joseph's started the procedure on me, on what was to be a triple-bypass open-heart procedure. The night before, with tears in my eyes, I had told the visiting Chief Surgeon that I was terribly scared and that I couldn't face leaving my beloved Suzie of 39+ years behind.
He told me to hang in there and from the photos that had been taken and my age (66) he thought I had approximately a 98 % chance of getting through the entire ordeal ok!

So far, I'm still here and a proud member of a GREAT railfan community.

I was brought home yesterday (November 10th).. I am extremely sore and very weak.
I am heavily medicated--on controlled diet and have lots of walking and other exercises to perform on a daily basis. I tire very easy and get out of breath easy after a little walking. The doctors say this will improve over time.

My chest is sore as hell from where the doctor made the incision with a "saw". It hurts bad to cough or sneeze or try to get in or out of bed. Oh well--shxxt happens.

Thanks to all of you who made comments on T.O. or sent me cards. I really appreciate it. I was given a gift of being raised by a large Southern Pacific family as a child.
Because of this, I've always enjoyed sharing what I learned over a 14-year period with "ALL OF YOU"---my railfan family!! I hope you enjoy the tidbits of history!

God Bless All of You-- Please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. It will be a long time before I consider going back to work at the telephone company!

High Greens to All! Your friend,


34312-31st Avenue SW
Federal Way, WA 98023--7634

Photo: Left to Right..
John Stashik (STASH) Mr.Vargas (bus driver) Ken Shattock (KRK)
June 1, 2002 former Key System subway--Emeryville,CA. "GRAND KEY TOUR"

Photo courtesy of Evan Werkema.

Date: 11/11/12 12:52
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: Evan_Werkema

Welcome back Ken! Best of luck to you on the road to recovery!

Date: 11/11/12 12:55
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: hiline

Great to have you back Ken! Looking forward to more of your wonderful post's.

Date: 11/11/12 12:57
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: DocJones

Ken -
Best wishes for a rapid and complete recovery from another "A-fib" guy in the community.

Have fun, be safe, stay in rhythm
Bruce "Doc" Jones'
Sierra Madre CA

Date: 11/11/12 12:59
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: brassjournal

This is great news!

I know you'll be healing up quickly now that you're home.

Get well soon and keep in touch.

Date: 11/11/12 13:01
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: vcrail

Hey Ken,

Hang in there, WALK, I had a left side quad 20 years 2 months ago, got a stint right side 11 months ago.
I'm the same age, well for 3 more months anyway. Keep active and keep going.


Date: 11/11/12 13:09
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: 3rdswitch

Awesome, good to hear things are going well.

Date: 11/11/12 13:12
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: WAF

Welcome home, guy!

Date: 11/11/12 13:17
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: 6088

Welcome home sir!

Date: 11/11/12 13:18
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: birdman

I'm very glad to learn that you're home and on the mend. You'll be up to speed before you know it. God bless.

The Birdman: A fellow traction and electric railfan in Furlong, PA

Date: 11/11/12 13:19
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: RNinRVR

Glad you made it through and from a home health nurse, REMEMBER THOSE STERNAL PRECAUTION.

Sharon Evans
Glen Allen, VA

Date: 11/11/12 13:50
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: shoretower


I always enjoy your posts since my uncle and aunt lived for many years (and my aunt still lives) near the Key System route to Piedmont.

Had bypass surgery when I was 41, and two stents put in about six years ago. I'm 60 and still going strong, so there's hope! Take it slow, do the exercises, the pain will pass. Don't drive for a while, take it easy, and you'll be back to a normal life quicker than you think.

Date: 11/11/12 14:00
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: nycman

Welcome home, Ken, and hope your recovery will be fast and complete.

Date: 11/11/12 14:20
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: bnsfengineer

Praise God, Hope you feel better soon!

Date: 11/11/12 14:29
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: robj

Little over 1-1/2 year from a flat-liner and doing well some how making do with three stents.

I think staying with the exercise, weight loss and diet are most important.
I stayed with a rehab program for over a year now after my phase II ran out.
I see guys doing very well 10-15 years later so keep the faith and stay with the program.

Bob Jordan

Date: 11/11/12 15:33
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: stash

Well, that's the best news I've seen. Glad you're alive and home. Did you try to cell me the other day? I didn't hear the phone but it had your area code. Pullman and all the family wish you well.

Date: 11/11/12 15:38
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: WP282


So glad to hear. Rest, mend and as someone else said - walk. Your strength will come back. TO is a better community because of your contributions. I never get tired of reliving the "good ole' days at EBME, plus all your "traction action".

"WP Mike" Coen

Date: 11/11/12 15:41
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: CShaveRR

Glad you're still here!

Carl Shaver
Lombard, IL

Date: 11/11/12 15:44
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: CarolVoss

My 71 year old cousin had an emergency 4 banger on July 1 and on Sept. 4 he and his wife flew from MD to SFO and we spent the next 10 days driving up to Seattle. He did his daily walking exercises and it was a great trip. Do what you are told and you'll be in great shape just as soon! :-)

Carol Voss
Salinas, CA

Date: 11/11/12 16:36
Re: "Key Route Ken" --- I'm home !!
Author: Margaret_SP_fan

Wow!! That is the BEST news I have heard
in quite a while! You're HOME!! YAY!!
What a relief!

A relative had a double angioplasty a long time
ago and told me the best way to live a long life
is to do EXACTLY what your doctor tells you after
a heart attack. Worked for him -- he lived a LONG
time after that, and I KNOW it will work for you!
Just know you are VERY much in our thoughts and
prayers. You are a VERY special person. We LOVE
your stories!! You are a SUPERB story-teller!!
We look forward to more of your stories -- but
ONLY when you are up to typing them on the computer.

High greens for a speedy and uneventful recovery!!


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