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Date: 11/21/12 15:26
SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: Milw_E70

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more boring here on the BNSF in Kansas, the lineup today showed a good number of westbounds within a couple of hours of each other and only ONE train with an orange GE leading. The highlights (for me at least) were two sets of former BN SD60Ms leading manifests. Last night a four unit set of BN SD60Ms brought a shuttle train into Emporia but unfortunately the power returned to KC late this morning before I had a chance to grab a shot of it. I must admit I never thought I'd ever see 10 SD60Ms within 24 hours of one another in 2012...anyway on to the pics.

1. A "triclops" SD60M, plus two sisters, ease this Kansas City, KS to Amarillo, TX shuttle train into Emporia. This power returned to Kansas City this afternoon on the M EMPKCK.
2. Right behind the shuttle train, the daily M KCKHUT rolls west through town with the 8177 leading two sisters.
3. The next westbound in the parade is the westbound Q KCKSAG roadrailer with two NS C40-9Ws.

Date: 11/21/12 15:27
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: Milw_E70

4. Next up is a Red Rock, OK coal load with a GEVO leading an SD70MAC with another SD70MAC and SD70ACe on the rear.
5. And last but not least a H KCKGAT1 21A with a former Conrail C40-8W sandwiched between two NS C40-9Ws.

Thanks for looking!

Date: 11/21/12 15:27
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: EMDX90

Send some of these puppies west! I'm tired of the UP ones! Great shots!

Date: 11/21/12 15:30
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: djy23

Sweet!! Love the 60Ms, especially the triclops still in BN green.

Date: 11/21/12 17:12
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: 3rdswitch

You had a better day than you thought! The 8177 is the ONLY 60M in the H-1 paint, a mistake as all wide cabs got H-2 and only standard cabs were supposed to get the H-1. What a great catch and VERY clean on top of it all. A great bunch of shots in excellent light. Wow.

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Date: 11/21/12 17:16
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: bnsfsd70

Yeah, thanks for calling me... Punk. That 8177 was outside of the Topeka shops of week or two ago. Those things look awfully good in the H1 paint.

- Jeff

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Date: 11/21/12 19:12
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: RGDave

Agreed, that 8177 is awesome. H-1 is such a great paint job on the M's!


Date: 11/21/12 20:45
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: coach

Why are the RR's putting in new signal bridges when everywhere else (think BNSF transcon) they are taking them down and putting in side mast signals??

Date: 11/21/12 23:28
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: SD70M

Great to see that they're back on the road. Hope they're still out and about when I come across the big pond next Spring.

Date: 11/22/12 07:42
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: Milw_E70

I think anything looks great in H1 paint compared to H2 and the god awful wedgie...

If the SD60Ms stay active past January I'll be surprised, at least if you listen to the way the officials talk about how slow biz will be come the first of the year.

Date: 11/22/12 08:02
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: BrianA

Nice seeing them in sets of three like that. They do look nice. The coal trains they ran on mostly in BN years seemed to be a pair of SD60M's and an SD40-2 or C30-7 in the consist from what I remember. After BNSF you'd see them in sets of 4 from time to time. I hope they last awhile longer in regular service. They do look classy compared to todays modern power. Glad you were able to photograph them.

Brian Ambrose
Renton, WA

Date: 11/22/12 08:10
Re: SD60M Invasion in Kansas
Author: ns1000

SUPER pics!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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