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Western Railroad Discussion > Kodachrome return........

Date: 01/11/17 13:58
Kodachrome return........
Author: SD45X

Possible. Kodak looking into it. Ektachrome easier to startup. Why it's coming back first.

Date: 01/11/17 14:46
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: jmbreitigan

SD45X Wrote:
> Petapixel.com 
> Possible. Kodak looking into it. Ektachrome easier
> to startup. Why it's coming back first.

Glad I still have my Canon A-1

Date: 01/11/17 15:06
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: toledopatch

If they resume Kodachrome production, they'll still need to find somebody to process it.

Date: 01/11/17 15:38
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: skyview

Bet dinner it doesnt happen, not the Kodachrome

Date: 01/11/17 15:48
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: highgreengraphics

Kodachrome involves a much more difficult processing. === === = === JLH

Date: 01/11/17 16:00
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: Margaret_SP_fan

This would be wonderful, but!  The infrastructure that
used to support film is almost gone, and it would be
prohibitively expensive to bring it back.  Where are the
stores that sell -- and repair -- camers and projectors and
sell all the accessories -- such as projector bulbs?

 I don't see how Kodak can ever make a profit from bringing
back any film, no matter what kind.  No profit = it won't appen.

Anyone want to give up their digital cameras and replace them
with film cameras?  I didn't think so.


Date: 01/11/17 17:24
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: santafe199

Margaret_SP_fan Wrote: > ... Anyone want to give up their digital cameras...
NOT a snowball's chance in Hell!


Date: 01/11/17 18:21
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: junctiontower

People that want to shoot film and slides are like people that want to bring back vinyl records.  If that's what you want to do, knock yourself out, but I don't understand it any more than I understand women.  By many measures, I'm an old school guy, but you're going to get my digital camera and my MP3 player about the same time you get my guns from me........

Date: 01/11/17 18:28
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: WrongMain

If they do bring back Kodachrome, it worries me that it might not be the same Kodachrome as we knew it.  With all the difficulties and toxic processes that were involved before, how would they overcome them and keep the same film?  If they can figure out how I can put a roll in my digital camera and get the same results, well...we'll just dream on...

Date: 01/11/17 18:46
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: KY_Railfan

jmbreitigan Wrote:
> Glad I still have my Canon A-1
> John
I still have my AE-1 Program. I know it's a "dinosaur", but it takes very good pictures and I have several accessories for it. IMHO it takes just as good pictures as most of today's DSLR's. Certainly better than a phone camera or point-and-shoot digital! You can have your pictures put on CD or online and have digital that way.

Date: 01/11/17 19:32
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: 567Chant

Heck, today I saw an MG A (grudgingly moving under its own power).
There will always be zealots, but lacking a full, robust infrastructure, the future is rather uncertain.

Date: 01/11/17 22:29
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: Fizzboy7

Totally thought this was going to be an SPSF announcement!

Date: 01/12/17 16:00
Re: Kodachrome return........
Author: desertjack

Great!  I can resume sending my film to rural Kansas for processing.

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