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Date: 09/11/19 04:43
My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: rrartist

Good morning all, I was contacted by a good friend's wife wo asked me to do a painting for her husband whose birthday is in November, I gathered up all the details needed and set to work, here now, is the finished work. I won't name names but it's in the painting. I was wondering how the Mrs. was going to keep this a secret?! Anyhows, Happy Birthday young man, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it.

Date: 09/11/19 06:09
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: gcm

Excellent !

Date: 09/11/19 06:23
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: lilwes

Very well done.  That may even long to make another trip to his old stomping grounds.

Wes Chiles
Topeka, KS

Date: 09/11/19 06:27
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: Hookdragkick

That is one elegant train! 

Date: 09/11/19 07:45
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: bmarti7

Well Jim you (and wife Dian) really got me this time. However, in the tradition of TO critics, your mountainous locale is incorrect. The ATSF station "Marti" was a former, very obscure, siding between Topeka and Pauline. LOL - the heck with criticism. This painting has much more meaning than me growing up in Santa Fe country. It is a testament of how the TO forum creates and grows relationships.

It is the latest chapter in a relationship that began on TO last year when I sent a PM to a Wisconsinite requesting the camera settings he used when photographing the CP Holiday Train at night. He responded and eventually invited me to visit his area. I did so last spring. As an admirer of your art work, I asked if he could set up a meeting with you. We had breakfast together at a country inn. During the visit I inquired about you doing a painting for my wife's birthday. The result was: https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,4787305,4787362#msg-4787362

She was totally surprised and liked your work so much that she began following you on Facebook (I don't do......). Then I get a text from you one day asking what my favorite Santa Fe streamlined locomotive was? I didn't connect the dots until yesterday when the framed original arrived at home. Besides your God-given talent in art, you have impacted many with your daily "Thoughts" emails as well. I am honored to know you as a friend for eternity. And thanks also to Pat for his part in all of this.

And thanks for calling me a "young man" - don't hear that often :>)


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Date: 09/11/19 08:27
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: Ritzville

Really a great looking Santa Fe work! I'm sure Blll had a wonderful surprise for his up coming birthday.


Date: 09/11/19 09:02
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: Quakerengr

Fantastic piece of work there Jim.    Thanks for sharing with us...Thankful and Blessed to be able to play a small part  in this surprise for Bill.


Date: 09/11/19 21:27
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: SP4360

Nice work, and she looks to be doin' 88.

Date: 09/11/19 22:28
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: SantaFeRuss



Date: 09/13/19 08:17
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: SanJoaquinEngr

Nothing short of being another stellar painting. Great work !

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Date: 09/13/19 16:17
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: ns1000


Date: 09/20/19 19:04
Re: My latest work - Santa Fe
Author: glcaddis

There are a few good sized hills around Topeka. Doesn’t look that mountainous to me.  The warbonnet colors are so accurate. I love my Super Chief rrartist did for me. 

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