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Date: 10/26/20 09:21
NKCR Grant
Author: thegoonshow

Looks like the NKCR might run trains again between Holdrege, NE and Sterling CO.  They just have to remove all of those stored cars first.


I wonder after all of the track is fixed they will store cars there again.

Date: 10/26/20 10:09
Re: NKCR Grant
Author: callum_out

That's great news, line should never have been out of service in the first place but like a lot of the NKCR,
someone figured out you could make more storing a cars than running a railroad.


Date: 10/26/20 10:37
Re: NKCR Grant
Author: rbx551985

Here's a MAP link to this RR, from their official website: https://omnitrax.com/our-company/our-railroads/nebraska-kansas-colorado-railway-llc/
(Click on the YELLOW BOX at right at that link.)

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Date: 10/27/20 09:02
Re: NKCR Grant
Author: Gonut1

Actually there doesn't appear to be much online business between Madrid and Elwood. How useful will this raulroad be as a through route other than to ship unit trains east from the flood loaders on the west end? Will they rehab the busy parts and leave the mid-section as is? Really curious how they intend to utilze this grant and funding.

Date: 10/27/20 14:26
Re: NKCR Grant
Author: ShortlinesUSA

You nailed it. Outside of that large elevator at Venango, there's not much going on. The smaller elevators along the line have been sucked dry by newer, larger facilities, most of which aren't even on the NKCR.

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