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Date: 10/28/20 11:58
Chase until dark!
Author: santafe199

How many times have you made a phone call something to the effect of: “Honey, I’ll be a little late getting back home”? And you KNOW better than to ask her to ‘keep supper warm in the oven’. A dutiful railfan wife will understand -bless her heart-, because she’s already inured to your wacky world of railfan photography. Although odds are a smart railfan wife will just say: “…for supper, you’re on yer own”. But dangit! You know there are going to be those times when you just can’t quit a chase because it’s suppertime. Especially with digital technology aiding & abetting your crime! So you just keep on plowing, while rehearsing that inevitable phone call.

Here’s a shot I got from exactly the situation I described above. Except for the “honey” part. I’d been chasing this outfit since catching it at Jeep Rd down at Abilene. A combination of failing light + growling tummy ended my chase right here. Is there a bit of honey-wrath in my immediate future? Nahhh… being single my supper will always be on the run. My phone call: “Hello Taco John’s… are ya still open?

1. It’s 8:19 PM in Concordia, KS as BNSF 4279 rolls past the old Santa Fe depot with a Nebraska-bound grain empty.
Photo date: August 28, 2020.

2. Original image uncropped & definitely un-enlightened… ;^)

Could I have a few extra napkins, please!
Lance Garrels

Date: 10/28/20 12:14
Re: Chase until dark!
Author: LocoPilot750

I was sitting in that exact same spot, trying to make a Courtland turn out of Abilene the night they changed over from train orders to TWC. Leo Priddy was the conductor, and he was so nervous calling the DS on the phone and copying his first track warrant, he had to start over three times. Somewhere I still have the last couple of train registers for the Concordia depot, each covering several years.

Date: 10/28/20 12:16
Re: Chase until dark!
Author: Copy19

Lance stops.  He pivots.....shoots.......and he scores!!

JB - Omaha


Date: 10/28/20 16:04
Re: Chase until dark!
Author: dan

Next week an hour earlier,  then we just  loose a minute a day.

Date: 10/29/20 09:36
Re: Chase until dark!
Author: Quakerengr

Just like you were back at work.  Rolling down the tracks, eating a sandwich, in one hand, between crossings,  with cup of Java  in the other hand.  Toot toot. Love the way you included the crossing lights.  Excellent.


Date: 10/29/20 12:00
Re: Chase until dark!
Author: texchief1

Nice, Lance!

RC Lundgren

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