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Date: 03/16/23 21:58
CORP under Mt. Shasta
Author: ssloansjca

Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad (CORP) 2068 and 2067 are done for the day and sitting below Mt. Shasta, at Weed, CA at 5:30 p.m. on a bright Thursday, March 16, 2023.
CORP 2068 is a rebuilt EMD GP38-3. Reportedly: CORP 2068 was built by EMD in 1967 as NYC 3089 GP40 builder number 33500. Other reporting marks and numbers reportedly associated with this locomotive are: KYLE 3109, CR 3089, AMTK 652, HLCX 3109, WAMX 4045, HLCX 4413, HLCX 652.

I hope you like this post:

Steve Sloan
San José, CA


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Date: 03/16/23 22:12
Re: CORP under Mt. Shasta
Author: TheNavigator

Nicely done!

Date: 03/16/23 23:13
Re: CORP under Mt. Shasta
Author: ssloansjca

Thank you!


Date: 03/17/23 04:44
Re: CORP under Mt. Shasta
Author: jmbreitigan

Very nice, and a clear view of Mount Shasta.

Date: 03/17/23 07:07
Re: CORP under Mt. Shasta
Author: atsf121

Very nice, it’s good to see snow on Mt Shasta.

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