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Date: 03/18/10 17:53
Colorado & Southern #9
Author: mitch45

Any body Know the status of this engine? Thanks. Mitch

Date: 03/18/10 19:09
Re: Colorado & Southern #9
Author: dan

Think the engine is being worked on in Fruita or something, getting ready for breckenridge, tender at strasburg, search thought cozephyr or someone posted a pic not that long ago.

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Date: 03/18/10 22:25
Re: Colorado & Southern #9
Author: DWBrown

All part of the long running soap opera of Days of our Georgetown Loop. C&S #9 was beaten to death in the one season that it operated. A second contract was let out to finish repairing the engine. However ETTS, the loco ended in Fruita, CO. and is getting a cosmetic repair. It will be loaned to Breckenridge, CO. till the return of it's loco former IRCA 2-8-0 #111 when it is finished with at the Loop and restored for service on the Georgetown Loop.

#9 is reportedly going to be moved occasionally at Breckenridge under compressed air. #111 is still at Strasburg, CO. being rebuilt and #9's tender was under repair. #9 was using ex-C&S #74's tender. #74 is being restored to cosmetic restoration to return to Boulder, CO. 74 is being restored at another site in Denver and Boulder does not know where is will end up in that City.

Meanwhile a new operator has the contract at the Georgetown Loop. Ok, got all that, makes sense, no problems understanding that 4 locos have been switched, repaired and now being switched again. Simple situation to keep track of NOT!!!!!!

Dale Brown
And I still don't know all the facts, just the basic trades.

Date: 03/19/10 11:26
Re: Colorado & Southern #9
Author: cozephyr

Number 9 is undergoing work at palisade, Colorado.

Date: 03/19/10 13:09
Re: Colorado & Southern #9
Author: rehunn

OK, I'll bite, by who? It's not like Palisade is the industrial capitol of the world.

Date: 03/19/10 15:22
Re: Colorado & Southern #9
Author: NDHolmes

The work is being done by John Braun's Mammoth Locomotive Works:

9's just about ready to go to Breckenridge, where it will be given a good home under a new enclosure downtown. While doing this latest restoration, they discovered a significant crack in the cylinder casting which will probably prevent it from ever pulling a load again. That said, my understanding is that they got it all certified under state boiler law to run at 145 psi or so, so the rest is operational. I took these of it in early January 2010:

Unfortunately, the CHS contract to restore 9 (again) didn't include the tender, which is still out in Strasburg, CO (taken early Feb 2010):

Article on the new home in Breck:


Date: 03/24/10 18:44
Re: Colorado & Southern #9
Author: SD45X

Last week.

Date: 03/24/10 19:28
Re: Colorado & Southern #9
Author: Grande-Fan

Heck I was there three weeks ago and they didn't have a fence around it.
Keeps the bad people in or out.
Nathan Z.

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