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Date: 11/21/12 10:33
UP 844 on the Joint Line
Author: typebangin

Earlier this month, Union Pacific 4-8-4 #844 returned home to Cheyenne after a busy year of 150th Anniversary trips. I just got around to processing my footage from November 7th when 844 traveled from Pueblo to Denver on the Joint Line. Here are a few clips from that days chase.


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Date: 11/21/12 13:04
Re: UP 844 on the Joint Line
Author: Margaret_SP_fan

Very nice work, James! (You even caught her
slippin' in the second clip.) No such thing
IMHO as too many photos or too much footage
of the UP 844! :)

Date: 11/21/12 17:34
Re: UP 844 on the Joint Line
Author: jointlinerailfan

Another great job James. The Joint Line was a very successful chase

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