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Steam & Excursion > UP 3985 Eastbound 7-29-92 East Palisade Canyon,Nev.

Date: 04/10/19 21:35
UP 3985 Eastbound 7-29-92 East Palisade Canyon,Nev.
Author: RailRat

Again a re-post, but something to watch while we are waiting for 4014 news.

Here 3985 drifts out of the canyon, probably with a slow signal or something, then she accelerates all of a sudden, cathing the camera man (Me) by suprise!
By the time they got from here to Carlin, they were really rolling!

There is a spot deep inside the canyon that is only accessable by rail, far away from the normal railfan and train chasers, that Steve liked to preform photo runbys for the paying passengers only! This footage is after that probably happened.

A friend of mine caught the fantastic echo sound of 3985 whistle and chugging echoing thru this canyon on video in 1992, westbound, and I thought I had a copy of it somewhere, but after wasting several hours looking for it over the past 20 years, I still can't seem to find it. It's Got to be somewhere here on my 50 tapes, just mis-labled or something? ...or maybe its on one of the tapes I left with my Ex-Wife years ago? Still drives me crazy to this day! 

Also on my friend's missing tape was footage of 3985 Eastbound at Carlin,Nv. just a few minutes after my footage posted here, and they were really highballing!

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

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Date: 04/11/19 18:38
Re: UP 3985 Eastbound 7-29-92 East Palisade Canyon,Nev.
Author: ProAmtrak

Nice catch Rat, I never seen this one, glad you had your chance to see 3985, I wish I had more oppurtunities to see her myself!

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