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Date: 01/12/20 20:04
Whazzit? (10)
Author: LarryDoyle

Right in the center of this picture is a check valve to put water into the boiler, via the delivery pipe under the control of the lifting injector next to the engineers station in the cab.

But, what's up with that plume of steam?


Date: 01/12/20 20:53
Re: Whazzit? (10)
Author: flash34

To keep it from freezing?

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Date: 01/13/20 07:07
Re: Whazzit? (10)
Author: LarryDoyle

Yes, the low spot(s) in every pipe (air, water, and steam) should have a small valve or petcock to drain moisture and prevent it's freezing in the pipe.   In the case of this locomotive the petcock is located next to the check valve and the hostler has left the injector open and is admitting just a trace of steam from the turret shutoff valve through the pipe so there is a continuous warming of the pipe.

In addition, the hostler will come by every few hours, open the turret valve full, and turn on the injector without first priming it.  This will blow steam back through the water suppy hose and pipe from the tender to blow its content of cold water back into the tender, and will leave it on for a few minutes so steam flows into the cistern to warm it and keep the tender water from freezing.  Actually, the engine crew will perform this trick on both injectors or feewater systems periodically in extreme cold weater to prevent freezing in the tender.


Date: 01/14/20 07:22
Re: Whazzit? (10)
Author: tomstp

What, no tender water heater lines?

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