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Date: 02/10/20 07:57
A Survivor
Author: MaryMcPherson

Since I'm in the house today, here's a survivor for you: Illinois Central 2-8-0 #764 seen in Bloomington, Indiana, in an undated and uncredited negative in my collection.

#764 was a rare animal... an Illinois Central steam locomotive that kept a single number through her entire career.  She was built by Rogers in 1904, bearing construction number 6178.  She received a superheater, a piston valve kit, and Baker valve gear during the course of her career, but was otherwise minimally modified over the years.  My the mid fifties, she was assigned to the St. Louis Division and worked some of the southern Illinois branch lines (I have found a photo in print in which her tender is visible in the Carbondale roundhouse).

She became one of the very few locomotives the Illinois Central would donate for preservation, going to the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis in 1956.  It was there that a 14 year old me took a couple of snapshots from the cab of Big Boy 4006 in 1986.

Mary McPherson
Dongola, IL
Diverging Clear Productions

Date: 02/10/20 08:04
Re: A Survivor
Author: Trainhand

Good pictures and good to see you back.

Date: 02/10/20 08:43
Re: A Survivor
Author: BAB

Great shots and I wasted a comment to you on the other thread,  oh well. LOL nice work by the way no matter the age.

Date: 02/10/20 09:42
Re: A Survivor
Author: Mudrock

Here is a picture of  Illinois Central 2-8-0 764 from 2008.


Date: 02/10/20 09:55
Re: A Survivor
Author: railstiesballast

Two neat details in this series, the awkward posture of the engineer to run it while switching to the rear and the converted valves in the old slide valve body.
Thanks for sharing.

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