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Date: 11/14/04 11:04
Bolivian water heater
Author: photobob

When I was in the service in Bolivia in the mid-60's I would ride the train up from La Paz to the El Alto station. Upon arrival we were always greeted by the local kids who got buckets of hot water from the steam locomotives. Now this was one chore that would have been the envy of some of you steam nuts out there.

Date: 11/14/04 11:29
Re: Bolivian water heater
Author: africansteam

Hey Photobob, this is a scene I have witnessed many times along the tracks in Latin America. However, what makes yours unique is the size of the young girl, vis-a-vis the size of the container.
Assuming she let it fill anywhere near the top, which I suspect she did since it represents the day's hot water supply, she had quite a load on her hands, and a hazardous one at that!


Date: 11/14/04 14:41
Re: Bolivian water heater
Author: grande473

The D&RGW used to perfomr this chore on the Chili Line.

Date: 11/14/04 16:01
Re: Bolivian water heater
Author: MTMEngineer

I just hope that there arn't any additives in that boiler water that are going to cause that child to have three eyed children.

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