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Date: 03/18/07 23:57
Pullman Heavyweights
Author: NGotwalt

Hello All,
I was wondering how many surving examples of pullman heavyweight sleeper, parlour, and other would be pullman operated heavyweight cars left in existance today? Are there any surviving platform observation cars that were never business cars? What classes of cars have survivers? P.S. I know and am familiar with all the Dover Series cars including Dover Harbor as these are lised on www.doverharbor.com

Date: 03/19/07 06:16
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: SilverSky

The Inglehome, formerly the Chief Illini, is displayed and occasionally operated at the Illinois Railway Museum. It is a 10 section - lounge/open platform observation and this car was never an office car. IRM's collection includes other haveyweights. Check out the website for details on the cars.

Silver Sky

Date: 03/19/07 10:05
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: Jack_Deasy

Here are 3 Pullman built heavyweight cars that come quickly to mind ...

Pullman CLOVER COLONY at the Tennesse Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga ... sleeper with 8 sections 5 double bedrooms.

Long Island Rail Road parlor car 2003 SOUTH SHORE ... originally 12 section 1 drawing room sleeper WALTERSBURG ... later PRR parlor car J FINLEY (or FINDLAY) WILSON ... in collection at Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati at Covington KY.

Long Island Rail Road parlor car 2004 SYOSSET ... originally NYC coach 2800 ANDRIGO ... stored on New Hope and Ivyland at New Hope PA.

Date: 03/19/07 11:36
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: zephyrus

There are several in California that I know of.

At the Western Pacific Railroad Museum at Portola, you'll find Pullman Sleepers "Sunburst Rose" and "Clover Plot". The "Plot" was later owned by the Western Pacific. They also have observation cars Union Pacific 105 (heavily rebuilt by UP and a business car) and Western Pacific 106/"Charles O. Sweetwood" (once part of Pullman's lease fleet, later WP's Eastern Superintendant's car and Red Cross Blood Donation car).

The Western Railway Museum has Western Pacific 653, a non-business car obs car.

SP 2901 and Pullman "Glen Eyre", also an ex-Western Pacific obs car, are at CSRM-Jamestown.


Date: 03/19/07 12:50
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: RD10747

RL&HS exhibit Pomona, CA has the William B. Fletcher, nee:
Carleton Club, assigned ex NKP Sleeper-Lounge that later
became an NKP-N&W Biz car...

Date: 03/19/07 13:09
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: Pullman

And don't forget the Kitchi Gammi Club, a sister car and also a business car, still in service as a PV today.

Add the Lotos Club at the RR Museum of Pennsylvania and the Circumnavigators Club at the Western Railway Museum -- also 8 section buffet solarium lounge cars.

Date: 03/19/07 21:20
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: wingomann

The PLA in Niles Canyon has the "Gothic Peak" a 10-2 sleeper assigned to Santa fe service. It was later sold to Santa Fe and turned into a MOW car. All of the sections are still in place but the drawing rooms need to be restored.

As for other Pullman heavyweights. The PLA has:
107 Yosemite Valley 40 ft. RPO Baggage Pullman 1911
121 Southern Pacific 80 ft. Business Pullman 1904
139 Southern Pacific 60 ft. Business Pullman 1923
315 Western Pacific 70 ft. Heavyweight Coach Pullman
453 Arizona Eastern 60 ft. Heavyweight Combine Pullman February, 1916 60-CB-1
1861 Santa Fe 80 ft. Lounge Dorm Pullman Originally built as Coach No. 987 1914
1949 Southern Pacific 60 ft. Harriman Std. Coach Pullman 1910 60-C-4
1975 Southern Pacific 60 ft.All Day Lunch Pullman April, 1914
2101 Southern Pacific 73 ft. Interurban Coach Pullman 1923
2114 Southern Pacific 72 ft. Interurban Coach Pullman 1923
5045 Southern Pacific 60 ft. Heavyweight RPO/Baggage Pullman 1929 77-BP-60
6235 Southern Pacific 60 ft. Heavyweight Baggage Pullman 1921 60-B-10
10040 Southern Pacific 77 ft. Heavyweight Diner Pullman 1926 77-D-6

Date: 03/19/07 22:04
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: xtra1188w

There are still at least two AT&SF 'cafe-observation" hw cars left in their original configuration I believe. One I think is in California, I think at the OERM in Southern california, #15-- ? 1509 maybe ?) and #1511 which is now in storage at the Texas State Railroad in Rusk Texas. These were/are open platform cafe-lounge heavyweight cars that were never used as business cars as far as I know. As far as the former 8-5 Clover series in Pullman HW's go, the Clover Glade which ran mostly on the MKT is now at the Temple RR Museum in Temple Texas. There are also several old hw cars in their original forms in the Southwest Railroad Museum that's on the Texas State Fairgrounds in Dallas Texas. I can't recall what each car is, but there are hws of nearly every description there.


Date: 03/20/07 11:08
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: Txhighballer

There are also two Pullmans in the Galveston Railroad Museum, including one used on the original AFT in 1947.there are also two Pullman ops cars there as well.

Date: 03/20/07 14:13
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: CZ10

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami, Fl has the "heavyiest" Pullman Heavyweight in existence. The "Ferdinand Magellan" was rebuilt in 1942 for US Presidential service. It's 5/8" thick armor plate and bulletproof windows brings the weight of the care up to 142 tons! The trucks had to be custom designed and built. More info at http://www.goldcoast-railroad.com/magellan.htm

Date: 03/20/07 15:44
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: wwdrkid

The HW Pullman Misssion Santa Ynez, a solarium-sleeper. After its passenger career, SP used it in MofW service. The Portland, OR NRHS chapter bought it; later sold it to Jim Davis who was restoring it, the last I heard. Any recent info about its status?

I once actually rode in its lounge area on the Sunset Ltd. between SF and LA, CA. What CA native could forget that car name?

Date: 03/20/07 19:48
Re: Pullman Heavyweights
Author: SPSF_luvr

Ummm. Con The Pullman Thats At The TSRR Belongs to the Texas Transportation Museum Down In SATX.


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