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Date: 09/01/11 12:34
Modeling the Ocean Shore Railroad
Author: PeteOSRR

I'm about to begin the bench work for a facsimile of the Ocean Shore Railroad and would like to tune the track plans before starting construction. Can anyone tell me what the trackage and structures looked like at the following locations?

1. Tracks at the E.B & A.L. Stone Co's rock quarry at Rockaway. I have a picture of a siding and station at Rockaway. Is the spur to the Stone co west of the siding?
2. Tracks at the Keystone Co sand quarry at Farallone. Was the plant on the East or West side of the main?

Given that each company supposedly shipped several car loads every day, I've allotted 2 stub sidings and a short run around at each location.

3. Tracks at Arleta or Tunitas Glen. Which had the most traffic, Half Moon Bay or Arleta? (I have to narrow my choices)

My intention is to stretch history somewhat and imagine that the Chamberlain Group referred to in the "Last whistle' was successful in rehabilitating the OSRR. I'm supposing that they won their several court cases against the state and others; Supposing in addition that they were able to successfully sue the SP to cease its actions blocking access to downtown Santa Cruz and connections farther south (Watsonville etc); Supposing also that the connection between Tunitas Creek and Scott Junction was completed; - Then by 1937 (the year I was born) the OSRR would be a viable operation, hauling not only stone and sand, but also agricultural, dairy and forest products - even oil from a few wells that were drilled on the coast. And of course there would continue to be frequent passenger and excursion service.

That's the daydream. I want to build the Northern Division (S.F. to Arleta or Tunitas Glen - I believe there were wyes at each location) and be able to stage operating sessions at dates in 1910 to 1920 or in the 1930's.

I have a 19 by 13 room ready for a double deck layout and want to get the best compromise i can find between the prototype, the room dimensions and suitability for operations sessions.

Any info on the track diagrams, the industries served, or basically anything about the Ocean shore would be greatly appreciated. The references I already have are: Jack Wagner, 'The Last Whistle'; Chris Hunter, 'Ocean Shore Railroad'; Rick Hamman, 'California Central Coast Railways'.


Date: 09/29/12 19:18
Re: Modeling the Ocean Shore Railroad
Author: oceanshore-rr

Hi Pete, Ocean Shore Railroad Had a wye at Arleta None at Tunitas. All trains were turned at Arleta and backed down to Tunitas Glen. There was a wye at Rockaway in the Quarry The switch to the EB & AL Stone Quarry was close to Vallemar depot. The photo is at Rockaway depot and Tank looking north towards Vallemar. The Quarry is to the left about .25 miles. I hope the photo loads ok. John Schmale

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