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Date: 10/14/12 19:11
The last days of Colorado Railcar
Author: rrpreservation

Under "Western Railroads" a discussion began about Colorado Railcar. Under Strasburg, Colorado passenger cars. http://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,2895266

At the end of its existence a company was hired to eliminate the remaining cars and materials from the Fort Lupton, Colorado property.

When I arrived there was an amazing collection of items present. The first photo I took has the line-up of most of the cars.

From Left to Right: Slumbercoach NYC 10800 later NP 333 "Loch Tay." Slumbercoach NYC 10817 "Tonawanda Bay." Crew shower car (no other info). These three cars were painted red for the Marlboro train.

The next two cars are ex-SP double deck commuter cars. Then GN Baggage-Dormitory car (in Amtrak paint), and finally a Union Pacific dome car. This photo was taken in summer 2009.

In the second photo Left to Right: The first car is a power car, the second, a lounge car and the final two are sleepers. All of these cars were built for the Marlboro Train.

If anyone uses these photos, please credit me. Thanks.

Daniel Quiat

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Date: 10/14/12 19:47
Re: The last days of Colorado Railcar
Author: rrhistorian

I am sorry to hear, but not surprised by, the loss of the ex-SP Commute Bi-Level Gallery Cars. Given the fact that they were self-contained, they would work well with the tourist & museum operations that preserve former SP equipment. I am glad that your museum was able to save what you could - I had long ago written off the GN Baggage Dormitory.

BTW - Did some digging and found this thread that has a few photos from just after the shut-down occurred.


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Date: 10/15/12 07:19
Re: The last days of Colorado Railcar
Author: rrpreservation

Thanks for the info! There was something going on with respect to the SP commuter cars. I was told they were not for sale, but simply to be sold for scrap.

Dan Quiat

Date: 10/15/12 15:24
Re: The last days of Colorado Railcar
Author: rrpreservation

Here is another photo showing the Pacific Star and the Tallahassee. I think the Berlin was there for part of the time and then left, anyway, here is the photo.

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