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Date: 06/28/17 16:57
UD tower Joliet, IL
Author: Bob3985

I had the privilege of GM&O, and CRIP at Union Station in Joliet, Illinois.
The first photo shows the tower with the motor car setoff.
The second shot is rather poor as I didn't take my flash with me but shows the panel of pistol grip controls that operate the switches, signals and derails.
I got to spend several visits with Elmer over the years and enjoyed his stories.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 06/28/17 20:03
Re: UD tower Joliet, IL
Author: illini73

The UD Tower building still stands and is going to be incorporated into the "Joliet Gateway Center" (new Amtrak/Metra/bus station) as the "Union Depot Tower Museum". The contractor was replacing the old windows in the tower when I was in Joliet earlier this month.

Here's a link to the City's website page describing the Gateway Center:


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Date: 06/28/17 20:35
Joliet Project
Author: Bob3985

Thanks for the information on the old tower. It will make a nice location to visit. I will pass this info to all my former Rock Island friends out this way.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 06/29/17 00:41
Re: Joliet Project
Author: mp51w

What exactly are they doing with the old Joliet Union station?

Date: 06/29/17 04:07
Re: Joliet Project
Author: penncentral74

Thanks Bob!   I always liked going to Joliet.  Caught this coal train there in 1975.

Date: 06/29/17 09:40
Re: UD tower Joliet, IL
Author: santafe199

Of the hundreds of photos I've seen taken at Joliet over the years I don't recall seeing a shot of the tower specifically by itself. Thanks for posting! 'Course I'll be downloading a copy right into my CRI&P "RR Structures" file...


Date: 06/29/17 11:35
Re: UD tower Joliet, IL
Author: Englewood

During my brief time there the motor car was gone and the
motor car shed was occupied by what we politically incorrectly
called a "bum".

Date: 06/29/17 19:48
Re: Joliet Project
Author: illini73

mp51w Wrote:
> What exactly are they doing with the old Joliet Union station?

It's now an event space called "The Grand Ballroom". Used for weddings and suchlike.

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Date: 06/30/17 05:39
Re: UD tower Joliet, IL
Author: zr190

Yes, he had the inside lined with stacks of newspapers for insulation.
The RI dining car cooks would occasionally give him food.

Date: 06/30/17 07:06
Re: UD tower Joliet, IL
Author: boiler77

I could'nt see enough pics of this interisting location.
Was there for three or for times in early 2000'ers.
How long was the tower activ?? In my 2007 view it looks in acton??


Date: 07/02/17 10:05
Re: Joliet Project
Author: alcoc636

Any idea what the unit number is on that second locomotive, the Burlington painted U25C (or is it a U28C?)?

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