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Nostalgia & History > Agnes flooding, 50 years ago

Date: 06/23/22 10:02
Agnes flooding, 50 years ago
Author: onblock

Fifty years ago today, floodwaters from the Juniata River covered Penn Central's tracks in Mifflin, PA. Mifflin is 48 miles west of Harrisburg and 12 miles east of Lewistown. Remnants of tropical storm Agnes had dropped tremendous amounts of rain in the region.

Date: 06/23/22 11:17
Re: Agnes flooding, 50 years ago
Author: bigsavage

Probably the best accounting of what happened to PC.

Date: 06/23/22 11:51
Re: Agnes flooding, 50 years ago
Author: Juniata

I remember standing on the old Memorial Bridge over the Juniata River in Lewistown watching a camper trailer float down the river and break apart as it churned against the bridge. Shortly after that, the police shooed us off the bridge.

Penn Central had a number of loaded cars sitting on their bridge between Lewistown Junction and Lewistown proper to anchor the bridge. Must have worked as the bridge held despite being battered by debris.

Hard to believe it was actually 50 years ago…🤔


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Date: 06/23/22 15:52
Re: Agnes flooding, 50 years ago
Author: King_Coal

Lots to see in this photo, even though it's under water. I remember those old PRR vintage camp cars. Must have taken a little while to clean up. Thanks for sharing.
Sure did a number on an already bad northeastern RR scene.

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