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Date: 05/27/20 21:59
Riding an overnight train, Ukraine
Author: gobbl3gook

I stayed in the mountain town of Volovets for a few days, the took a train to Kiev and back.  Overnight train, about 12 hours?  stayed there 3 days and 2 nights, then came back to Volovets where I had left my bicycle and other gear.  

This was a Kiev to Uzhorod train, via Lviv.  

I really like the "compartment and corridor" layout.  You can stand up and watch the world go by.  Or retreat to your cabin.  

You can ride these trains to your hearts content for $2/hr.  You get a berth in a 4 bed compartment, with bedding, and all the tea you can drink.  

I was tempted, of course, to take 4 or 5 days and do nothing but ride overnight trains around...  ride 16 hours a day (8:00 pm to noon), chill out in a town or city for 8 hours a day.  Cost $32/day.  Throw in a $10 hotel room for a shower once in a while.  

I wonder if there is a record for the most consecutive nights spent on a train?  At $32/day, you could do it for a month in Ukraine for $1000

This clip is riding the train around the same curve as 2 previous videos I posted last year.  

Ted in UT


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Date: 05/28/20 07:56
Re: Riding an overnight train, Ukraine
Author: gaspeamtrak

That was amazing !!! 
Thank you for sharing !!! :):):)

Date: 05/28/20 20:11
Re: Riding an overnight train, Ukraine
Author: krm152

A super excellent video.
Train length is astounding.

Date: 05/31/20 15:58
Re: Riding an overnight train, Ukraine
Author: Peak45068

My mate did over 100 overnights in succession in 1986 bashing Class 45 diesel locomotives . Mainly on the famous 1M80 Scarborough - Holyhead then crash on the stock and come out the following morning on the 1E08 Holyhead - Newcastle.
I heard of a guy who was into buckets (Class 40’s) do 300 overnights out of 365 bashing them in 1980!!
I’ve done a fair few in my time but I’m not in that league. However in the last five years or so I’ve certainly racked them up again on Amtrak since living in the USA. The last being Emeryville to Glenwood Springs in March!!

Englishman in America.

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Date: 05/31/20 22:21
Re: Riding an overnight train, Ukraine
Author: gobbl3gook

Peak -- very interesting!  

Bashing?  Buckets?  I'm curious as to what these terms mean in English rail lingo.  

I was thinking maybe the record would be 30 nights or something.  Doable in Ukraine if you really liked the experience.  

300 would be out of my league!  

Ted in UT

Date: 06/02/20 16:45
Re: Riding an overnight train, Ukraine
Author: Peak45068

Hi Ted

Bashing was all the rage mainly in the late 1970’s and 1980’s when a selection of first generation diesel locos were still in service with British Rail.

Bashing is a term used by enthusiasts for traveling behind locomotives. (A step up from train spotting or taking pictures).

It can be split into two forms. Some liked to travel behind as many locos as possible no matter what type, what they sounded like, horsepower etc etc.

Others liked to pick a class or type of locomotive and travel as many miles as they could behind that class of engine.

It can be argued this mileage phenomenon started in the Summer of 1976 when the handsome, loud ‘Western’ class 52’s were on deaths row. They were all finished by early 1977, so enthusiasts then started chasing other types or classes of locomotive for mileage. There were rules on how many miles you needed to accumulate behind each locomotive as well, but that’s another story.

In a strange way, I am still ‘bashing’ today in America. I like the sound of the Genesis loco (especially P32’s) so I go chasing them round the US as much as I can.

It’s difficult to explain and can and has been very expensive, but once in your blood, it’s difficult to give up.

Englishman in America.

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