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Date: 06/30/19 13:48
First Drone Railfanning Experience
Author: mtzctrain

I recently bought a DJI Phantom4 off a friend and have done some practice flying around home, but up until today, I hadn't gotten a chance to use to capture any train footage. Knowing the Decatur & Eastern Illinois RR leaves Decatur at 8am every Sunday, I was prepared to use my quadcopter for the first time on this train.

This morning's train had 2 units leading 16 cars, and came by right on schedule. My first scene with the drone didn't come out too great, but I've uploaded it below anyways. I'm still getting used to the controls and figuring out the best angles for capturing footage. This scene is of the train passing the La Place, IL grain elevator (no sound on this clip).

I chased the train a few miles further east to the small town of Hammond, where I had a couple more minutes to get the drone in the air, and turn on the sound recorder on my phone. I thought this clip turned out pretty well. Train speed through here is between 25 and 30mph, so the drone was able to keep up (I think it has a max speed of 30 or 35mph). Hopefully within a couple of weeks, I'll have gotten some more flying practice in and I will have some additional footage to share!

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Date: 06/30/19 17:12
Re: First Drone Railfanning Experience
Author: santafedan

I think you have a good start with your drone dhots.

Date: 07/02/19 04:14
Re: First Drone Railfanning Experience
Author: 55002

Great stuff with the drone. I like the added sound on #2, that works well, and such a simple way of doing it. Chris uk.

Date: 07/02/19 06:54
Re: First Drone Railfanning Experience
Author: trainnut7

Very nice, for your first go around!!!

Date: 07/03/19 05:36
Re: First Drone Railfanning Experience
Author: mtzctrain

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Date: 07/04/19 18:03
Re: First Drone Railfanning Experience
Author: PossumKing

Very good start!
It's funny/ amusing that the word 'footage' still is in use.
I got a few hundred feet of 0s and 1s that have to get developed....

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