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Eastern Railroad Discussion > DREI, Amtrak & CN in Neoga, IL

Date: 01/15/23 21:32
DREI, Amtrak & CN in Neoga, IL
Author: mtzctrain

January 10th was the first day of the new year I had a chance to do some railfanning. Thanks to a heads up about a DREI (Decatur & Eastern Illinois RR, a WATCO line) move happening in Neoga, I decided to venture that way, as I've never made it down there. Had a pretty exciting day in the area!
Upon arriving in Neoga, I find the CN delivering the empty grain train to the DREI for loading.
Next, I stay by the CN main to catch the NB Amtrak Saluki, running only 5 minutes late.
After Amtrak passed, I head over to the DREI tracks, but get caught off guard by a northbound train with a pair of IC Deathstars (maybe A407?)
I was surprised to see how the CN drops the train on the DREI tracks, runs around, and returns to their own rails prior to the DREI making any moves.
As soon as the CN was out of the way, the DREI got busy. I didn't count cars, but I'd assume the CN handed off a 50-car train (or more). Seemed like the DREI pulled a cut of 20-25 hoppers in for loading.
Shortly after spotting the empties, I'm back over at the CN main where I almost miss a southbound tank train flying by.
On it's heels is A432, with a BC Rail unit trailing! This day's 432 was surprisingly short, though I typically see it in Decatur, so perhaps a decent amount of traffic gets set out in Mattoon to head north.
Finally, the CN lets some light power head north, while the TGM crew works a track mobile to load the grain hoppers.

Enjoy! -Caleb

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Date: 01/16/23 10:30
Re: DREI, Amtrak & CN in Neoga, IL
Author: MEKoch

An absurd waste of Superliner equipment on a three car Saluki.  Deadhead cars to meet an CN car count requirement...............

Date: 01/16/23 19:46
Re: DREI, Amtrak & CN in Neoga, IL
Author: ghemr

Thanks for the video!

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