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Date: 05/22/23 05:59
CSX Birmingham
Author: thegottfather

Hi all,

Trying to get a sense of what passes through Birmingham, AL's downtown. There was an informative thread the other day on NS symbols of which I gathered about 20-25 movements continued through downtown Birmingham. Does anyone have a rough estimate or train list for CSX in the Birmingham area? Trying to figure out what passes the Sloss Furnace area in a given day. If I have this right, the following should roll through Sloss on NS/AMT
244, 245, 246, 26A, 28J, 29K, 29S, 130, 131, 182, 183, 312, 320, 329, 339, 340, 341, 342, 344, 345, 345, 355, 382, 384, 385, Amtraks 19 & 20 (Crescents)

Thanks for any additions in advance. 

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Date: 05/24/23 09:21
Re: CSX Birmingham
Author: thegottfather

Tried to use the CSX Symbols page to see what I could locate. If I'm close, there should be approximately 20-24 trains through Sloss for CSX:

I025, I026, I028, I029, I125, I126, I140, I141, I181, I182/183, I184/186, M202, M203, M221, M222, M514, M515, M520, M521, M523, M524, M645, M646, M647, M648, 

I'm unsure on the routing of M526 and 527 as they seem like they would go Fairburn to Montgomery via West Point and Opelika. Also, please note this list would not include unit trains, extras or locals so posisbly 25-30 CSX moves on top of the NS/Amtrak. 

Date: 05/24/23 10:32
Re: CSX Birmingham
Author: CFI_85

The M526/527 run from Montgomery to Atlanta via Auburn/Opelika, so you will not see them.

M515 and M648 go through Atlanta, so you won’t see them either.

As for M202/203. They sometimes go through B’ham, but 95% of the time they don’t. M202 makes a once a week appearance but that depends on if its loads of automobiles are going to be handed off to BNSF in B’ham.

Date: 05/24/23 13:05
Re: CSX Birmingham
Author: thegottfather

Thanks for the confirmation on some of those routings. So more like 16-20 scheduled for CSX added in to the 20-24 for NS plus unit trains, extras and locals and shortline movements. Appreciate any other comments anyone might have. 

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