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Date: 01/16/04 23:24
What's In The Crate?
Author: lackawanna2001

Yesterday afternoon 1/16 @ 1312 hrs., WB NS high and wide train 053-16 came through Phillipsburg, NJ heading for Harrisburg, PA with a large crate marked for "Siemens".
Does Siemens build electrical generators or something on that line?
Second photo to follow..
Rick Glosser
Phillipsburg, NJ

Date: 01/16/04 23:25
Re: What's In The Crate?
Author: lackawanna2001

Second image....

Date: 01/17/04 03:32
Re: What's In The Crate?
Author: nssd70m

Judging by the size, shape and weight I would have to say it is a generator. I believe they do build them, they make alot of other electrical stuff.

Date: 01/17/04 04:11
Re: What's In The Crate?
Author: dsktc

Steam Turbine generators, which Siemens builds and services in NC, are shipped by Schnabel cars.


Date: 01/17/04 13:47
Re: What's In The Crate?
Author: Clarence

As some else pointed out Siemans, among other things, makes heavy electrical power equipment such as generators. Judging from the routing that load could have been shipped from Germany through the NY seaports.

Date: 01/17/04 16:33
Re: What's In The Crate?
Author: DPutz

So it probably is going to be on 15T to Roanoke and another train into NC?

Date: 01/17/04 18:30
Re: What's In The Crate?
Author: tomd

My guess is that this is the rotor for a generator. The stator, stationary part, is usually shipped separately.


Date: 03/13/04 11:04
Re: What's In The Crate?
Author: n3tqk

it's one of the new turbines (a total of 3 ) for the ppl Susquehanna nuclear power plant unit # 1 at berwick,Pa They are replacing the old turbines at's been in for 20 years they are from Siemans in Germany. last year they replace unit #2 turbines (3)
in Nov they had the 2 new Transformers for this unit in by rail i'll post the photoss of this rr car. the new equipment will increased generation by 50 megawatts.
p.s. for more photos at the plant with the 3 north shore locomotive on this train to go the hill ,i'll email them to you. n3tqk@arrl.net

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