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Date: 06/13/19 18:02
Scaletrains non sound light issues
Author: stevenlsilva

Pick up two scaletrain tunnel motors, one SP the other DRGW. I installed the ESU LokPiot 54615 decoder and switched the DIP to the on position. The head lights and number board lights are working fine but the gyra lights are not working. I tried every button one my digitrax controller but no luck. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to fix this issue.

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Date: 06/13/19 23:30
Re: Scaletrains non sound light issues
Author: fbe

Go to Scale Trains Support and find downloads. Find the software file for that decoder and locomotive. Download it to your computer. Then use a Lok Programmer to move the file from your computer to the decoder in the locomotive.

Date: 06/14/19 16:14
Re: Scaletrains non sound light issues
Author: RioGrandeFan

This is actually even easier since it is a Non-Sound decoder. Unfortunately these don't come out of the box with the necessary programming for every locomotive since every locomotive is different.

You don't even need a LokProgrammer but you do need the LokProgrammer software which is a free download from the downloads section, firmware and software, of the ESU website. It does require a Windows PC. 

Once you have the software installed, open it and choose to do a new project. In the drop down menu find the LokPilot 4.0 decoder (what you have) and the screens will blink and populate with the parameters for your decoder.

It may take a little bit of trial and error to figure out what AUX output runs which light but you can get that by pressing function keys until lights turn on. Then for instance if function 5 turns on the nose light you can look in the LokProgrammer software's Function Mapping window and connect F5 to an AUX output. The AUX output doesn't have to stay on F5 as any AUX output can be mapped to any function key. Once you know the AUX output though you can then configure the lighting effect that you want on the output using the Function Outputs window.

If you want to change what function key controls the AUX output and thus your lighting effect, use the drop down menus to select and unselect options until you get what you want.

When you are happy with the settings, go to the Tools menu and choose the option "show changed CVs". This will then give you a list of the CV's to change using your DCC system to get the decoder to do what you wanted. If it doesn't quite work the way you expected, you might not have the settings quite right. Take another look at the function mapping and try again. 
All of this sounds a lot harder than it actually is. It is very simple. Once you actually do it, you can have the lighting configured for your locomotive in a couple minutes.

Of course having the LokProgrammer hardware does make this even easier as it will write the CVs for you. You still have to do the confguration in the function mapping and function output windows though. 

Lee Ryan - Rio Grande Fan
Denver, CO

Date: 06/15/19 06:35
Re: Scaletrains non sound light issues
Author: stevenlsilva

What if you use a digatrax decoder MT166D how do you get the beacon to work?

Date: 06/15/19 10:56
Re: Scaletrains non sound light issues
Author: fbe

What is the locomotive you are using and what motherboard does it have?

I find it is easier to use a Lok Pilot or Lok Sound decoder for any unit with an ESU motherboard. For a 21 pin motherboard you need to determine which AUX output the light is hooked then see which decoder Function output controls that AUX. Start by downloading the manual for the loco provided by the manufacturer and follow links that provides.

stevenlsilva Wrote:
> What if you use a digatrax decoder MT166D how do
> you get the beacon to work?

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