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Passenger Trains > Strange Cab Car On #48

Date: 08/25/08 18:42
Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: mbutte

This photo was taken at Utica, NY today, of an ex-F40PH cab car, which was running behind the three road engines on #48.

Sorry for the poor picture quality (it's from a cell phone), but it clearly shows that this Cab Car has had a section of the former engine compartment roof removed and two white satellite receiver domes have been installed on the resulting flat area.

I have never seen anything like this before. Does anybody have any idea what's up?

Date: 08/25/08 19:55
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: 71972

Looks like a gigantic Lego piece slapped on there.

Date: 08/25/08 19:57
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: smitty195

That's bizarre.

Date: 08/25/08 20:13
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: RevRandy

What were you doing in Utica today?

I thought you were not going down that way until Sept 8.

Inquiring minds want to know -

And, what is that cab car about?????

A Homeland Security experiment gone horribly wrong?

Date: 08/25/08 20:27
Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: jp1822

The shops at Albany-Renselear (spelling) often do some work on these F40 cab units. I've seen some in the maintenance facility here. Not sure if they service the Downeaster cab units, but I am not surprised if they are shuttled to/from the Midwest and East Coast via the Lake Shore Limited.

Date: 08/25/08 20:47
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: Crosstie-Walker

Since Amtrak's fuel awareness record ain't so hot today, maybe those things are a new kind of solar generator... ;-)

Date: 08/25/08 21:23
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: Crashela

Maybe the next part of this transformation is a repaint into NASA colors.

Then Amtrak will go to congress for more money.

Date: 08/25/08 21:26
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: ry

perhaps a VERY old GPS bought from surplus? ;)

Date: 08/25/08 22:42
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: F40PHR231

According to gobytrain.us, this would appear to be the #90225.

Date: 08/26/08 06:06
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: joemvcnj

Legoland near Shaumburg, IL must have needed some pieces.

Date: 08/26/08 06:12
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: stanhunter

I've heard that this "locomotive" (cab-baggage F40 #90225) will be used for a series of live telecasts from the Empire Builder for Good Morning America. The domes are the satellite links for the live broadcasts. It was recently modified at Beech Grove.

Date: 08/26/08 11:01
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: mbutte

Yes, this all makes sense now...

Word has it that ABC's 'Good Morning America' has chartered an Amtrak train for the week of 9/15-19, for a series of live broadcasts each morning from different locations in the east.

Reportedly, the train will be broadcasting from the Whirlpool Bridge at Niagara Falls, NY/ONT on the morning of Tuesday, September 16, after arriving from the east on CSX the night before. It's to head west from Buffalo on the NS ex-NKP line later that day.

Consist rumored to be ~8 Superliners and 2 PV's, in addition to this 'Satellite' Unit it would seem.

Hopefully some great publicity for Amtrak...

Date: 08/26/08 11:02
Re: Strange Cab Car On #48
Author: smitty195

I hope they remember to stock the cars with food. And fuel the locomotives. And........


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