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Date: 07/28/20 15:03
The crippled Hiawatha
Author: sethamtrak

Amtrak 518 runs train 338 through the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove this afternoon. Amtrak 518 was added to the train yesterday when the 90222 failed to perform. 7/28/20. 


Date: 07/28/20 18:48
Re: The crippled Hiawatha
Author: PC1974

I see they repainted the Triple Deuce, apparently more lipstick on a pig.... This is how it looked after setting under the shed at CUS for over a year... It's first day back in the sun... If looks could kill!

Date: 07/28/20 22:53
Re: The crippled Hiawatha
Author: mp51w

Here is a short video of a Hiawatha train, Southbound at Franksville,WI, after a fresh snow in January 1999. 
You can't make out the cabbage or Pepsi Can numbers, but how sad that we are still using the same worn out equipment 21 years later.

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