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Passenger Trains > 370 out with a Dash-8

Date: 01/09/22 16:48
370 out with a Dash-8
Author: sethamtrak

When Chicago runs out of working chargers, the big guns come out! Train 370 departing Chicago this evening with 30 year old 518 in charge. I've got my Multi Engine Commerical add-on checkride in the morning or I would love to shoot it in daylight on 371. Oh well, maybe someone else can. 

I missed the (late) 393 leaving Chicago but it was reported to have a P42 in charge solo.

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Date: 01/09/22 21:12
Re: 370 out with a Dash-8
Author: GP25

Its nice to see a Pepsi Unit out and in charge.

Jerry Martin
Los Angeles, CA
Central Coast Railroad Festival

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