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Passenger Trains > It’s Hillsdale, not Bay Meadows

Date: 09/20/22 11:57
It’s Hillsdale, not Bay Meadows
Author: broken_link

On the evening of Wednesday, September 14, 2022, I dropped my daughter at her dance class and then went over to check out the new Hillsdale Station in San Mateo, CA. This station has been open for almost 17 months now, but despite driving and riding my bike past countless times as well as riding through on Caltrain, I’d never gone up to the platform to check it out. Aside from the taggers who’ve already unleashed their markers on parts of the station, it’s a nice, clean transit stop that improves on the previous station that was located ~3/10th of a mile south. Despite spanning 28th Avenue at a location approximately where the old Bay Meadows station was located it has retained the name Hillsdale.

Photo 1: JPBX 900 “San Francisco” was stopped with southbound train 132 in tow.

Photo 2: Northbound train 515 with JPBX 904 “Palo Alto” shoving on the rear was running a few minutes late when it arrived around 10 minutes after train 132 departed.

I love what you can get away with handheld with modern mirrorless cameras with IBIS and a fast f1.4 or similar prime lens.


Date: 09/20/22 12:29
Re: It’s Hillsdale, not Bay Meadows
Author: chakk

Bay Meadows replaced by office buildings and condominiums

Date: 09/20/22 12:42
Re: It’s Hillsdale, not Bay Meadows
Author: PasadenaSub

Nice night images from the new Hillsdale station.  The family of my wife's sister lives between there and the Belmont station - closer to the old Hillsdale location.  We've already taken a couple trips on Caltrain from the new Hillsdale into the City.


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