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International Railroad Discussion > India: Railcars to Isolation Beds

Date: 04/25/20 18:09
India: Railcars to Isolation Beds
Author: Graybeard1942

We, at the railways, thought: how can we contribute?” its spokesman, Rajesh Bajpai, told the BBC. “So we came up with this idea and everyone liked it.”Work has already begun to convert 5,000 train coaches into quarantine or isolation wards, which amounts to 40,000 beds. And the railway ministry says it’s prepared to convert 15,000 more coaches.



Date: 04/27/20 09:55
Re: India: Railcars to Isolation Beds
Author: RRTom

Interesting!  I thought India's only response so far has been for the police to beat poor people who want jobs, food and/or to return to their rural homes for care, but I see they are doing these traincar things also.
India needs good PR like this to warm Americans up to Chinese manufacturing being shifted to India.

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