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Date: 08/20/18 15:08
Author: donstrack

Does anyone here use OpenStreetMap?


I currently have 114 maps on Google maps for my UtahRails.net web site, and I like the free service that Google provides. I see that the DuckDuckGo search service uses OpenStreetMap. I am willing to change to OpenStreetMap if there are some good reviews that prefer the open source OpenStreetMaps project to the private Google Maps. It would be a bit of a chore to download a KML for each Google map, then import each KML to OpenStreetMaps, but it would be a one-time effort.

The biggest difference is that the standard OpenStreetMap does not have a satellite layer, which can be pretty useful with maps of railroad routes.

Don Strack

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Date: 08/20/18 20:10
Re: OpenStreetMap
Author: newtonville150

donstrack Wrote:
> Does anyone here use OpenStreetMap?
> https://www.openstreetmap.org

Have you looked at https://www.openrailwaymap.org/index.php ???

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