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Date: 11/02/22 21:27
Custom Gore-Tex Rain Gear For My Camera
Author: walstib

After spending one too many days trackside in the drizzle with my camera getting wet while I wait for a train, I came up with the idea for a rain cover that I could quickly remove when the moment came to snap a photo.

I already have camera rain gear for taking photos in the rain, but it's cumbersome to put on, and not really necessary when you're just doing a couple of shots. Especially if its a light rain. What I wanted was more like a waterproof blanket.

I picked up a couple of yards of orange, Gore-Tex waterproof fabric, and black, Polar-Tec lining from Seattle Fabrics (they specialize in outdoor fabrics) and went to see my sewing lady.

She wanted me to make a paper pattern, so I did. I picked up the finished product on Tuesday, and it fits great. The front is sewn shut, while the back, and bottom have Velcro. 

I designed it for a Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera, and 70-200mm lens. It also works with a 100-400mm lens. The Velcro gives me versatility to work with a tripod, or monopod, or a single-point strap connected to the lens foot. 

I also had my sewing lady make a larger version to fit a full-size DSLR with a 400mm f/2.8 lens. 

Time will tell how this works out, but anything is better of trying to shield my camera with a jacket that I'm wearing.

The first two photos show my Z9 on a monopod with, and without the cover. The third photo shows the cover itself.

Date: 11/03/22 07:45
Re: Custom Gore-Tex Rain Gear For My Camera
Author: trainjunkie

You like saying Gore-Tex, don't you? (With apologies to Jerry Seinfeld) :D

Cool idea.

Date: 11/03/22 09:07
Re: Custom Gore-Tex Rain Gear For My Camera
Author: walstib

I was just happy to spell Gore-Tex correctly, haha.

Date: 11/04/22 22:24
Re: Custom Gore-Tex Rain Gear For My Camera
Author: grahamline

That looks great. Having a loose fit is probably than something tightly tailored.  If you're troubled by winds -- I've had tripods blown over -- you might want her to stich in a couple strips of elastic.

Date: 11/05/22 06:09
Re: Custom Gore-Tex Rain Gear For My Camera
Author: hoggerdoug

That bright red covering trackside might startle a train crew....

Date: 11/13/22 10:24
Re: Custom Gore-Tex Rain Gear For My Camera
Author: up833

It will be interesting to hear your results of a good field test. I never thought of GT as "waterproof:" as the basic fabric needs a pressure differental to work best. That pd is usually provided by your body temperture or the warmth of a house vs outside tremp.  Maybe you are on to something with the fabric you are using. 

Date: 11/13/22 15:38
Re: Custom Gore-Tex Rain Gear For My Camera
Author: walstib

Perhaps waterproof is a misnomer, and maybe water resistant is more appropriate.

Whatever the case, I plan to use this as a short-term cover for those times I’m waiting for my shot while it’s raining or drizzling, and I want to keep my camera dry.

For heavy rain, or prolonged use in the rain, I have ThinkTank rain gear. But it’s a but of a chore to install.

My cover is more like putting a towel over the food to keep bugs away before the picnic begins.

After trying out my Gore-Tex cover I decided to make one alteration. Instead of having the back end open with a Velcro closure, I had my sewing lady sew it shut, so it’s more like a rectangular pillow case.

We’ll see how that works. I expect to encounter rain next weekend.

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